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J: I really enjoy it, especially when it ends up tasting good! 我很喜欢,尤其是做得好吃的时候. L: how often do you usually cook? 你一般多久做一次饭?

Including driving time, Oliver figured that he had spent two irritating hours that day looking for one stupid filter. He wondered how much of his life he had wasted just searching for things.


When the medical director became aware of Marys heroic act he immediately reviewed her file and called her into his office.

B: en..let me see, how about 5 p.m. If you go, you need to walk along this road and take the first turning on the left, youll find it is on your right side.

Emperor Qin Shihuang,for his own pleasure, conscribed several hundred thousand convicts and went in for large-scale construction and had over seven hundred palaces built in the Guanzhong Plain. These palaces stretched several hundred li and he sought pleasure from one palace to the other. Often nobody knew where he ranging treasures inside the tomb, were enclosed alive.

When you do make a mistake, think about all of the possible solutions, so that when you tell someone, you can suggest ways to fix it. People will think highly of you for your honesty and professionalism that way.